KAESER solutions for working air.

KAESER solutions for working air

Working air is essential on board any vessel, even under the toughest of conditions. With a standard working air range of 15-750 m³/h, KAESER can offer the right solution to meet every need. Compact and durable, KAESER systems impress with their outstanding reliability, taking ambient temperatures from as low as -10°C right up to +55°C in their stride. Offering a product power range from 2.2 – 75 kW, KAESER has the perfect product for any class of vessel, no matter whether a small yacht or a huge container ship. Compressors can be optionally specified with integrated refrigeration dryer and frequency control. Marine certification is available for all classification societies.

Kaeser Kompressoren offers a large range of specifically designed compressors for your working air.
KAESER compressors for working air.

Comprehensive range of options for working air

Our compressors can be adapted to match any requirement: they can be specified with water or air-cooling, adjustable machine feet or condensate heating. A variety of electrical connections and network configurations are available for your power requirements, whilst add-on dryers and filters guarantee high-quality compressed working air. Numerous connectivity options ensure system flexibility and permit communication with the vessel’s on-board systems.

Your advantages

  • Reliable and safe
    Compact and durable, KAESER systems are renowned for their exceptional reliability. KAESER compressors take ambient temperatures from as low as -10°C right up to +55°C in their stride.
  • Energy-saving refrigeration dryers
    stable pressure dew point performance, exceptional dependability and impressively low life-cycle costs. SECOTEC refrigeration dryers provide reliable compressed air drying down to a pressure dew point of +3 °C
  • Space-saving design
    Since space on-board ships is at a premium, our marine compressors are designed to be as compact as possible and to provide excellent accessibility.
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Energy saving refrigeration dryers

From port to the high seas, SECOTEC energy-saving refrigeration dryers ensure a dependable supply of the right quality compressed air, wherever it may be needed. KAESER refrigeration dryers are renowned for their stable pressure dew point performance, exceptional reliability and impressively low life-cycle costs.
Adjustable according to requirement and superbly economical, SECOTEC refrigeration dryers from the TA to TG series feature high-efficiency thermal mass control for providing reliable compressed air drying down to a pressure dew point of +3 °C.


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Starting air

The combination of power, safety and reliability makes KAESER starting air compressors the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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Nitrogen production

Dependable volume flow up to 5100 m³/h and constant pressure up to 14 bar. KAESER offers the best compressed air supply systems for on-board N2 generation.

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Dependable control air is needed 24/7, 365 days a year. Therefore, energy efficiency plays an important role in technical ship operation.

KAESER Marine Service world wide.
Marine Service

KAESER Marine Service is only a moment away! Qualified KAESER service specialists are waiting at the next port of call, or can be available following a telephone call as soon as the ship has docked.